Pierce the veil : Creatively, mindfully, successfully



"We interviewed half-dozen coaches, Annelies came out on top as the coach we wanted to use for our faculty.” 

~ Sam Jacubowitz, MD, Director of Emergency, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center


“Annelies helps people accesses a powerful way to dig deeper into the connection between internal and external stressors. She opened us up to valuable resources we didn't know were missing.”

~ Taylor Miron, 

Wake County Government Wellness Coordinator


“It takes a pretty special person to engage and empower people to such a level. What a phenomenal experience!”

~ J. Kellock, M.Ed, Wake County Public Schools 


"Annelies brought her vast and diverse background to our seminar and provided an interactive and dynamic session on change. It was appropriate and engaging! It's so important to re-integrate our senses into our tech-driven lives."

~ Brian Gorman, Former US Military


"Annelies creates the space to enable you to tap into your senses, internally and externally. What a cool perspective!"

~ Will Frystak, GSK


"With humor, care and insight, Annelies challenged me to open myself to the world."

~ Gretchen Romanowski, 

Teaching Artist, Carolina Ballet


"I know I can't change all circumstances all the time but I can change my  response. What I learned can help me relate to stress on the job and help me directly in my personal life too."

~ Frank Morales, Accountant


“I saw myself change and my business succeed in ways I could have never imagined!”  

~ Dr. Jason & Dr. Brianna Williams, DC, Access Healthcare Chiropractic 


“It was mesmerizing to see patients see themselves as their “new and improved selves”.  My personal take away is that you recharged my batteries and reminded me what is most valuable in my life.” 

~ Lauren Massey, BSN, RN, UNC REX Healthcare


"Annelies offers invaluable resources for leaders and the budding entrepreneur."   

~ Ben Townsend, L.Ac., Dipl. O.M. (NCCAOM), M.S. Townsend Acupuncture 


"One of my biggest takeaways was the seemingly simple act of meeting people who were in similar positions and realizing that I was not alone in the processes of growth and change."  

~ Erin Edgar, P.A., Attorney, Legal Aid NC 


"I am taking with me the power of listening instead of immediately jumping in to problem solve. I now realize I wasn't leaving room to hear all of what someone else might be saying." 


~ Kimberly Clark

“Annelies helped me gain the foundation I needed to make big decisions.”  

~ Stacy Edwards


“My creativity and resiliency was reborn.”

~ K. Neely, RN, RT

"What an eye-opening experience. I was invited to think in a different way from what I’m used to. Very valuable!” 

~ R. Smith, RN

"The session help me realize that I don't have to absorb stress from my work or life environment. 

I now have tools to let go." 

~ Ruth Azikiwe, client coordinator

"I loved the universal theories. Annelies made this conference engaging so learning new concepts was fun and restorative."

~ Kristen Evans 


"I loved the integration of science and technology in Annelies' presentation."

~ Harry Shauhnessy


"I loved how Annelies made it a point to reach out to the audience that joined remotely, such as myself. Most speakers don’t do that. I felt included."

~ Anna Padula

~ Director of Communications, GSK





"Creative and fascinating! What deep insights in a fun, inspiring and theory supported way. Really enjoyed and left with a deepened sense of awareness."

~ Flavia Moreira, GSK


“Annelies facilitated many opportunities to collaborate, take risks and think outside our comfort zones. That's rare and very valuable! I can't  offer higher praise than that!”   ~ Melissa Bostrom, Ph.D  Director of Graduate Development NCSU


"What a powerful and thought-provoking experience! Excellent."  

~ Leslie Blair, IBM  


"This workshop reminded me that agility starts with awareness. Great experience."

~ Joe Seekins, Financial Analyst

“Our team gained valuable skills in this resiliency training.”

~ Scott Phillips, Director United States Center for Refugees and Immigrants

“Not only did you get us talking, you got us listening to one another. That was astounding!“

~ Leadership Seminar Participant


“No doubt, Annelies facilitates deep and thought-provoking conversations that work." A powerful experience delivered by a talented, heart-centered coach.”

~ Kelly Best, MBA, CPC

"I felt the group’s excitement to bring positive change to our organization, incredibly useful for our team!” 

~ Bank of America, Team-building Retreat

“Very unconventional! It opened me up to greater mental flexibility, self-awareness and understanding. It was different and it worked!”

~ Chamber of Commerce Seminar Participant

“I find Annelies to be profoundly insightful, she brings the gift of language and heart into practical terms that we can use to impact our everyday lives.”

~ Russ Van Buren, MBA, District Manager, Prospect Mortgage

"I found this presentation very helpful in reminding me about the value of my inner struggles to improve myself and my business."

~ Fernando Cardenas, DVM


“Thank you so much for our leadership seminar. Not only was it enjoyable but it forced me to think through situations and opportunities in a new way.” 

~ Mike Harris, Five Points Planning, LLC

“Annelies really engaged our leadership participants effectively!” 

~ Corey Hutcherson, 

Wake Forest Chamber 


“Annelies’ team-building highlighted and strengthened our team’s talents and created momentum. She also helped me get grounded so that my business  didn’t run me into the ground!”  

~ Robin Berning, Simple Bliss Wellness


"Annelies presented many things to help me think about stress as it relates to leadership, and how to take our natural instinct of fear and move forward professionally and personally."

~ Dareena McCulloh


“Annelies allowed us to see situations from a different perspective which helped  us move forward in unexpected ways as a team.”  

~ Brian Green 


“Annelies facilitates organized, insightful strategies which provide  opportunities for growth, accountability, building of self worth, and clearing of blockages. She makes it possible to see your way through and keep you on the right path all the way to success.”  

~ Adryin Glenn


"I  learned how to deal with and manage stress. In a career where I’m  effected by compassion fatigue everyday, this was very helpful." 

~ Sandeep Narayan, executive director 


"Annelies is a creative genius

and change champion."

~ Maloree Greer, HR director

"Annelies is like a fan--she keeps ideas and people circulating. Her skills are indispensable in today's changing world."

~ Drew Smith, COO




“From her laser-listening skills to her spot-on intuition, Annelies is one of the most astute coaches I’ve ever worked with.”  
~ Jaymie Myer

“Annelies helped me exceed my own expectations, which is extraordinary!"  

~ Steve Hand, MBA, Executive Director Southeast Region, BNI   


“Working with Annelies is powerful!  If you want to take action and raise your game, she’s your coach! ”  

Woody Wood, Owner & Founder of Choice Auto 


“Professionally, I’m in a much better place and most other aspects of my life are better too. I needed to be pushed out of my comfort zone.”  

~ Ken Updegrave, 

Yadkin Bank  


"Annelies is passionate about her mission to help each person become aware of stress and uses creativity to demonstrate. Her Chaos to Calm Stress Scale in her book is an exciting and useful tool.

~ Sholeh Dadressan, GSK


“After 35 years, I finally retired and sold my business. I could have never done this without Annelies’ support and guidance.”  

~ James Wooten 


“Annelies’ expertise is inspiring, eye-opening and gave me a competitive edge. I didn’t realize how important creativity is to me and my business!”  

~ Carlo Matos, Batch Net


“Annelies  helped me see past my limitations, guided me to focus on what is working and/or not working in order to best reach my business and life goals. A lot of transformation is possible, even in a short amount of  time, if you are open to it!”  

~ Deb McCutcheon, Broker/Realtor, Cary NC 


"Annelies created a collaborative atmosphere, where I felt comfortable synthesizing my thoughts and goals, and was able to start building a vision and make decisions I needed to make."  

~ Will Vanhhook, CPA


“Wisdom Circle forced me to think about “where I am”, “who I am” and “why I  am”, leading me to really focus. This has changed me and my relationship to my life as a professional artist in a profound way.”  

~ Jennifer Wood, Artist  


“Working with Annelies was a real pleasure! She is professional, authentic and encouraging. She doesn't sugar coat, instead she gently helped me bring out my best. I was able to make changes in my life and move forward on  projects where I had previously been "stuck", expanding my business and reaching big goals. She's the real deal!”  

~ Julie Marshall, Sales Coordinator 


“Annelies is an amazing and inspiring leader, support system, cheerleader and  accountability partner. I now have a plan and a set of tools to help me succeed personally and  professionally, all because of working with her.”  

~ Emily Rubin MSW, CPCC


"I was able to conquer a very difficult time in my personal and professional life. Annelies was invaluable to my sanity and career as a physician." 

~ K Dalton, MD 


“Annelies' Unplugged Retreat reminded me of what was important.”  

~ Nina Schmidt


“I had never allowed myself to dream or play about anything. Creating my story was powerful and an important step to help heal and choose the life I want to create.”  

~ Rebecca Foust


“A bit of peace in the midst of chaos.” 

~ Briana Brown, Wake County Government


"Annelies’s personality is ideal for an uncommon style of coaching... in  particular, motivating people to do their best work by getting to know who they really are, helping them to feed their unspoken or unrecognized needs, and thereby allowing for their unexpressed selves to emerge."

~ Kadidra Mc Calin, CFO