Exploring problem-solving through nature is one way to understand our own nature.

"Awareness is the greatest agent for change."  Eckhart Tolle

In an increasingly disconnected world, it’s important to find creative ways to reconnect to ourselves and one another, especially when facing or leading change. When we step back and tune in, we can see that chaos is a calling to lead differently, to listen differently, to facilitate change differently. It's an invitation for resilience; radical acceptance then radical creativity. 


"We have confused control with order."  Margaret Wheatley

"I believe we’re all in this together and when we regard each other as human beings not human-doings we can move beyond criticism and stuck, and get to the best part, which is creating and solving problems together. Excellence isn’t just acquired, it’s lived." 

~ Annelies M. Gentile




With a master's in coaching and over 10 years experience, Annelies is a trusted guide for executives, entrepreneurs and professionals ranging from corporations to fields of government, healthcare, education, arts, technology, sales and law. From improving interpersonal relations, building resilience and emotional agility to goal-setting and achieving stellar success⎯ Annelies helps smart people make smart choices when facing difficult decisions. And facilitates a powerful integrative approach to personal and professional development that exceeds expectations. Experiences with Annelies are interesting, inspiring and interactive occasions designed to compassionately provoke ingenuity at its best, inspiring people to lead change from the inside out for sustainable growth and a deeply satisfying human connection.

have a courageous conversation

From one-on-one to groups, teams and audiences ⎯ Annelies inspires professionals in transition.

• Do you find yourself standing at a personal or professional crossroads?

• Need fresh ideas or a different kind of success for yourself and/or team? 

• Do you want to be the catalyst leader who is conscious and caring?

• Are you ready for fierce and compassionate trustworthy co-pilot to help you better manage change and fuel outstanding success?

• Do you want an inspiring keynote speaker/facilitator who evokes thoughtful and engaged interaction?

What IS possible? CHANGE your perception, discover possibilities. Go above and beyond excellence!

Annelies helps you think differently, get present, and learn strategies to navigate change, mindfully and creatively. When you’re present, you’re better at connecting to solutions, to others and to yourself. That’s important if you want to manage change and accelerate success. You'll appreciate the profound conversations and integrative experiences that transform separation, resistance and limitation into connection, insight and results- that matter. 

Engage resilience, leadership and life skills for our changing world

  • manage change, accelerate success 
  • improve emotional agility & resiliency 
  • improve & engage compassion-based leadership skills 
  • strategically set & achieve personal or professional goals such as performance, productivity & well-being
  • learn the value of diversity & integration 
  • improve communication, reduce conflict  
  • cultivate life skills such as mindfulness & resiliency
  • learn to manage stress, loss, grief or reduce compassion fatigue
  • foster ease, creativity, joy, vision, learn how to be in ‘flow’ 
  • gain clarity, focus & direction, thwart procrastination
  • team-build, bridge communication & cultural gaps 
  • deepen empathy, awareness & mindfulness
  • improve mindset, critical thinking & problem-solving skills
  • transform stuck by leveraging what’s working
  • deepen sense of peace, purpose, prosperity & legacy


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