“The future will be written by people who work on solutions together.” ~ Chancellor Carol L. Folt


You’re invited to explore both inside and out your standard frame of reference. Let’s begin with an old village metaphor that “we’re all in this together”. We are one. This nature-centric whole-systems thinking is based on ontological design, the concept of what we design in turn designs us because we are inherently connected. The way we think about things does affect the way life shows up. It is here, in this inside-out approach where you’ll learn to embrace change to access new solutions and resources because you and all your understanding of what is (and what is not) is included in your exploration for answers to your most pressing problems. 

An integrative approach includes and considers all aspects as valuable. One of the ways Annelies helps leaders excel at work is to help them better manage change in life. We cannot fully separate the human condition from our work life (although we try). When we attempt to isolate our humanity from the linear roles of the work-world we more often feel isolated and stressed, become harden ourselves then unnecessarily hard towards others. Our ideas, collaboration and well-being suffer. What's needed is a full-circle understanding of how to integrate our humanity effectively into all expressions of life, even at work.

Whether through executive life and leadership coaching, experiential workshops, facilitated retreats or keynote talks-- Annelies cultivates a ripe environment for you to learn and transform. Integrative experiences are experiential and are based on mindful, somatic learning allowing people to better build resiliency, tap imagination and adapt to change sustainably. Some interactions might be conversational while others, creative or sensory based. All are transformative.


“From her laser-listening skills to her spot-on intuition, Annelies is one of the most astute coaches I’ve ever worked with.”  
~ Jaymie Myer

"What a powerful and thought-provoking experience! This workshop was excellent."
~ Leslie Blair, IBM

“Annelies facilitated many opportunities to network, collaborate, take risks and think outside our comfort zones. That's rare and very valuable! I can't  offer higher praise than that!”
~ Melissa Bostrom, Ph.D
Director of Graduate Development NCSU

"Having power means knowing what you ignore." ~ Noah Harari


No matter what stage of growth and transition you or your group are in, Annelies facilitates DELICATE,  DIFFICULT and DRIVING conversations that dive deep for outstanding results every step of the way. We engage in a process that meets you where you are individually and collectively so you can hold profound conversations that may reveal your best.

Annelies will support, guide and celebrate you via deep listening, provocative questioning and accountability. She’s there to guide you through delicate and difficult issues, and be your cheerleader to facilitate results. She’s your advocate! Challenging you to rise above old paradigms, reach goals and provoke you to get out of your own way. The more present you are to your process, the more progress you’ll make.

It’s all about the process! Enhanced by science, nature, creativity and collaboration, together you’ll explore the wholeness of life, not just the pieces, solving  fundamental problems from a unique and refreshing vantage point. With Annelies, critical thinking meets a touch of indigenous wisdom. Moving through change has never been so interesting!