From Chaos to Calm :: Leading Change From the Inside Out

Life is about the hinges, the doors we open to opportunity and the doors we close to chaos and catastrophe. Mindfulness is one of the key pillars to measuring stress on which our success and sanity hinge. In this lively and informative interactive presentation, you'll learn about the 3 Pillars to Resilience, the Chaos to Calm Stress Scale (c) and more from Annelies' book From Chaos to Calm Leading Change From the Inside Out

  • 30 Min/60 min/90 min/Half-to-Full day 

Thinking Back From the Future :: Creativity in Action

You're invited to re-invent your world! Stories provoke our imagination and sustain a message, mission, teaching or moral thread. If you’re like me, you’re filled to the brim with expert wisdom on next steps for life, leadership and business. And this know-it-all stuff, including our stories about what we think is true or not could get in the way and block or paralyze us from progress or success. Let's bend some rules, break rules if we must as we reverse engineer, craft a new story and think back from the future! Lively, interactive, imaginative and creative speech!  

  • 30 Min/60 min/90 min/Half-to-Full day

Hidden Grief :: Resilience & the Hidden Gem

When someone dies, it’s obvious that grieving would be required. However, when life happens and we change (body, mind, stuff, relationships, identity) or are rocked by change (unexpected trigger events), it’s not as obvious that we need to grieve. I call this Hidden Grief and it's an untapped gem of a resource. The thing is, when we grieve, we aren’t just grieving the loss of one thing. We’re grieving a collective experience of losses. When we don’t honor, acknowledge, and grieve our experiences of loss associated with everyday change, the pains of change lay down like layers of silt choking out light, life, and imagination, distancing the gap between loss and something new. In that gap, we lose grip, grit, and perspective. We loose our ability to be resilient. This thoughtful and compassionate presentation makes room to honor life as it is and provides inspiring insight to reveal what's next. 

  • 30 Min/60 min/90 min/Half-to-Full day

Any presentation can be custom-designed to fit your audience, schedule, and budget needs. Other topics include....

  • Art and Resilience
  • Creative Process
  • Transformative Leadership
  • Coaching Leaders
  • Leadership for the 21st Century
  • Living Legacy

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