Annelies M Gentile, MA, PCC

Integrative Life & Leadership 

Coach . Consultant . Facilitator . Speaker . Author . Process Artist

From Broadway to blacksmithing to divorce, death and Dubai, Annelies is no stranger to change. Through the fire, she's learned to be resilient. Today she's a pioneer thought-leader with a presence-based  approach to coaching, helping professionals navigate change, mindfully, creatively and successfully. Having traveled 22 countries and 47 US states for business and pleasure, Annelies discovered that most people want the same three  things: to be heard, to feel safe and to hold a sense of belonging. How we get there is what triggers conflict and separation. She says "getting comfortable with what’s uncomfortable is important and matters to all of us."

Her education includes a master’s degree in coaching (Maryland University of Integrative Health), additional graduate studies in creativity, conflict  transformation and peacebuilding (European Graduate School in Switzerland), transformative leadership (Tai Sophia Institute), and is  PCC professionally accredited with ICF (International Coaching Federation). 

No matter who she serves, Annelies believes the secret to success is compassion. Her client engagements include leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives from companies to fields of government, healthcare, law, education,  non-profits, arts, tech, science and sales including serving professionals within IBM, GSK, SAS, City of Raleigh and Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

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and her new book From Chaos to Calm :: Leading Change from the Inside Out at www.conduitforchange.com She lives in Raleigh, NC with her sweetheart Greg Whitt of www.drumforchange.com.  


Her prior career included working in theater and television production, management, corporate training and visual arts where she frequently served high-performing, high-level professionals. A hard stop from a series of unexpected (and intentional) changes led Annelies to deep personal reflection then a subsequent career-shift towards becoming a fierce advocate for supporting leaders through change.

Along the way, she noticed big decision-makers had minimal safe places to be real, to be heard, to be vulnerable. No matter her career title, somewhere between the chaos and order of life, Annelies learned she's an expert at pin-pointing people’s strengths and barriers while still being supportive, and that people sought her out for this "touch". That’s when coaching became the next phase of her career. 

Known as a “radically curious listener”, “masterful conduit for change” and “barrier-breaker” Annelies dives deep to help her clients navigate change. Since 2008 she's been a trusted guide to C-suite clients, entrepreneurs and executives nurturing their personal transformation and professional development. She's also proud author of a 333 page book on resilience for leaders called From Chaos to Calm :: Leading Change From the Inside Out and a 6-month mastermind program called Wisdom Circle.

In some form or fashion, Annelies has been an artist, educator and change agent since 1992. Prior to her career as a coach, she worked in the  television, film and theater profession for nearly 20 years where she worked closely with big wigs and Broadway stars alike; former NC Governors Bev Perdue and Mike Easley, Bernadette Peters, Petula Clark, Clay Aiken, Tony Curtis, Tom Selek, Andy Griffith, Loretta Switt, Carol Channing, Patricia Neal, Brian Williams of NBC, the B-52‘s and scores more.

Over the years, she toured on many multi-national productions and was the youngest hired at two major international companies as a regional educator/manager in her most earliest career. In 2004, she lived in Dubai, UAE working as a manger for Hard Rock Café and had dozens of staff from all over the globe whom she managed with love. She also worked as a successful visual and sculptural artist, and photographer showing her work from Washington DC to Raleigh NC. Somewhere between Broadway and her brief stint learning blacksmithing she found the thread that would weave throughout the rest of her career and life. Travel, theater and arts proved to her how powerful and important the creative process is to critical thinking, problem-solving and unifying people of all walks of life. This integrative approach became her swan song. 

She naturally evokes the best of people to step up, break-free and claim ownership of their extraordinary role in humanity’s unfolding story. One client coined her style as a "compassionate poke with a sharp stick that works!" Today, Annelies holds a proven track record of helping clients achieve outstanding results which she is graciously proud of and humbled to serve.

Her client list includes IBM, City of Raleigh, Wake County Government, North Carolina State University, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, Wake County Public Schools, UNC Rex Healthcare, US Center for Refugees and Immigrants, Wake Forest Chamber of Commerce, Pink Foundation, Wind  River Foundation, Center for Human-Earth Restoration and Bank of America. 

Her education includes a master’s degree in coaching (Maryland  University of Integrative Health), additional graduate studies in creativity, conflict transformation and peacebuilding (European Graduate School in Switzerland), and transformative leadership (Tai Sophia Institute). She is also professionally coach certified (PCC) with ICF (International Coaching Federation), certified ESL teacher, and yoga (Hatha lineage) and meditation teacher YTT-200. Annelies has served on the board for the Art Therapy Institute, the Center for Human Earth Restoration and is currently an active volunteer and family mentor with the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants. 

On a personal note, she holds a deep passion and appreciation for nature, sustainability, her niece and nephew, and has a never-ending insatiable hunger to study quantum physics, how-things-work science, space exploration and consciousness studies. She believes in the power of creativity and nature to inspire change. 

Annelies believes the secret to success is compassion and practices this often. She lives in Raleigh with her sweetheart Greg Whitt of DRUM for CHANGE. Annelies says, “Never underestimate the power of inspired people to change our world.”