Annelies M. Gentile, MA, ACC

Strategic Visionary

Integrative Leadership Coach . Consultant . Facilitator . Educator . Speaker . Process Artist 

Certified ICF Global Coach


Integrative Personal & Professional Development

for Leaders, Thinkers & Solution-Seekers


  1. Looking for a stellar co-pilot to explore solutions and deliver results that matter

  2. In transition, at a personal or professional crossroads

  3. Ready to grow, slow or explore what’s next

  4. Experiencing stress, overwhelm, stuck, disconnect, grief, conflict, upset, incongruence or culture shift (or want to start one) within your relationships, staff, team or self

Strategic Visionary, Annelies M. Gentile, MA, ACC empowers people, fosters ideas and changes lives. She’s a radically curious listener, masterful conduit for change and barrier-breaker who helps professionals leap divides, leading change from the inside out. Are you ready to go above and beyond excellence?

Annelies gets people talking, listening, connected and present so they can shift their perspective, learn to lead consciously, manage change, and take action. Seasoned and emerging leaders, professionals and executives seek her out for profound conversations and integrative experiences that transform separation, resistance and limitation into connection, insight and results- that matter.

In an increasingly disconnected world, it’s important to find creative ways to reconnect to ourselves and one another, especially when facing change. Experiences with her are interesting, inspiring and interactive occasions designed to compassionately provoke ingenuity at its best, encouraging people to lead change from the inside out for sustainable growth. She serves individuals and groups of executives, entrepreneurs and for organizations.

It’s all about the process! Enhanced by science, nature, creativity and collaboration, together we explore the wholeness of life, not just its pieces, solving fundamental problems from a unique and refreshing vantage point. With Annelies, critical thinking meets a touch of indigenous wisdom. Moving through change has never been so interesting!

What IS possible?

CHANGE your perception,

discover possibilities.

Go above and beyond excellence!


  1. Engage leadership and life skills for our changing world

  2. Gain a sense of safety, sanity, peace of mind, connection & community while getting a few other useful tools...

  1. reduce stress & manage change to either grow or slow

  2. thwart procrastination & accomplish goals, create results

  3. better connect to yourself, others & the world around you

  1. foster ease, creativity and vision

  2. gain clarity, focus, direction & master mindset

  3. cope with loss, grief, compassion fatigue or conflict

  1. cultivate healthy & productive communication

  2. engage groups for collaboration & collective impact

  3. bridge communication & cultural gaps

  1. deepen empathy, awareness & mindfulness

  2. build critical thinking & problem-solving skills

  3. transform stuck & leverage what’s working

  4. deepen sense of peace, purpose, prosperity & legacy

Empowering People, Fostering Ideas & Changing Lives

Coaching . Consulting . Seminars . Retreats


I empower people to reconnect to themselves, to each other and to the world around them because in the end, holding a sense of belonging is what counts. I invite you to discover what’s possible.”

Let’s connect!

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THE BOTTOM LINE . . . Change starts within.

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“Annelies facilitated many opportunities to network, collaborate, take risks and think outside our comfort zones. That's rare and very valuable! I can't offer higher praise than that!”

~ Melissa Bostrom, Ph.D, PCC

Director of Graduate Acad. & Prof. Development NC State University

“What a breakthrough! Not only did you get us talking, you got us listening to one another. That was astounding!“

~ Wake Forest Chamber of Commerce Leadership Seminar Participant

“Annelies is a dynamic life, leadership 

and business coach!”

~ Steve Hand , MBA

Regional Manager BNI

“I find Annelies to be profoundly insightful, bringing the gift of language and heart into practical terms that we can use to impact our everyday lives.”

~ Russ Van Buren, MBA

District Manager, Carolinas at Prospect Mortgage, LLC

“We’ve interviewed a half-dozen coaches and you came out on top as the coach we want to use.”

~ Dr. Sam Jacubowitz, MD

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

“I was reminded that great leadership starts with excellent communication. I’m a better leader because of you.”

~ Wake Forest Leadership Seminar

“Annelies has a unique gift for leading people through those difficult conversations that are just hard to have and need to be done.”

~ Wisdom Circle Mastermind Participant

“Annelies’ expertise is inspiring, eye-opening and gave me a competitive edge. I didn’t realize how important creativity is to me and my business!”

~ Carlo Matos, CEO Batch Net

“Annelies’ team-building highlighted and strengthened our team’s talents and created momentum. She also helped me get grounded so that my business didn’t run me into the ground.”

~ Robin Berning, Owner, Simple Bliss

“Annelies helped me see past my limitations, guided me to focus on what is working and/or not working to reach my business and life goals. A lot of transformation is possible, even in a short amount of time, if you are open to it!”

~ Deb McCutcheon, Realtor

“It takes a pretty special person to engage and empower students to such a level. What a phenomenal experience!”

~ J. Kellock, MA, Ed

Wake County Public Schools

“Working with Annelies is powerful!

If you want to take action and raise your game, she’s your coach! ”

~ Woody Wood, Owner Choice Auto

“Annelies will help you through those "sticky" times when conditioned tendencies and old habits make us get in our own way.”

~ Nancy Campbell, LMBT

"Annelies offers firm, loving support. A real inspirational guide!”

~ Amy Avery, Richmond, Virginia

“Professionally, I’m in a much better place and most other aspects of my life are better as well. I needed to be pushed out of my comfort zone.”

~ Ken Updegrave, Yadkin Bank

"Annelies offers invaluable resources for both the budding entrepreneur and advanced leader."

~ Ben Townsend, L.Ac., Dipl. O.M. (NCCAOM), M.S. Owner Townsend Acupuncture

“You recharged my batteries and reminded me what is most valuable in my life.”

~ Lauren Massey, BSN, RN, Bariatric Coordinator, UNC REX Healthcare


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